GEMME webinars

By registering for Galderma’s GEMME Webinar series (hereinafter the “Webinar(s)”), you confirm that you have read, understood and agreed to these GEMME Webinar Registration Terms (“Terms”).

Your login details as well as any Webinar specific material are personal to you and should not be shared with anyone else.

Galderma is committed to protecting your personal data. Galderma will collect your personal data including your name, your contact information, your attendee type (profession) as well as the country and city you are living in, for the purpose of registering you and administering your participation to the Webinar.

The Webinar(s) will be recorded by Galderma and subsequently used for future educational and/or other promotional purposes and shared by Galderma with internal and external audiences on the basis of Galderma’s legitimate interests. Such recordings may include presentation documents - materials exchanged or viewed during the Webinar, speaker’s presentation, answers to Q&As, , poll answers provided during the live Webinar(s), closed captioning transcript, and the chat box transcript. Copies of the recordings will be made available on demand to the registered participants through GEMME on demand platform at [ ] after the end of the Webinar(s). These recordings will be made and retained in accordance with applicable laws and Galderma policies. Please note that no participants’ details will be visible to the other participants or future viewers of the recording; participants’ details (i.e., name and country of participant) will be visible only to the webinar speakers and moderators).

If you wish to submit any questions, you may do so during the Webinar via the chat function and your question together with your name and country will be visible to the speakers and webinar moderators in order to respond.

We will also further process your personal data, to comply with our legal and regulatory obligations (e.g. for transparency purposes) and on the basis of our legitimate business interests to comply with applicable industry codes and standards and for other compliance and auditing purposes in general.

We would also like to be able to communicate and interact with you in the future by electronic means (e.g. via email, SMS, MMS etc.) to provide you with information and materials about our medicinal products and services, about medical and scientific research updates, online surveys and market research activities, as well as other educational and promotional events and activities, relevant to Galderma and our products and services, that might be of interest to you. We would ask you to provide your express permission to be able to communicate with you in such a way.

For the above purposes, we may also disclose your personal data with other Galderma Group entities and with third party service providers which are engaged by Galderma to act on our behalf and to provide us with services relevant to Webinar management, as well as relevant to the development of our webinar registration websites and related online platforms. Such entities may be located in countries in which the level of data protection is not the same as in your country of residence or in the EU/EEA, the United Kingdom or Switzerland. Galderma has taken all appropriate measures to ensure that your data are kept safe and secure and that an adequate level of data protection is afforded to them by the importing entities. Third party service providers are acting under stringent contractual arrangements with Galderma in compliance with any applicable data protection legislation and strict confidentiality obligations.

The Webinar will take place over a live streaming/on demand platform provided by VideoArt ( which is responsible for the development, maintenance and technical support of the GEMME platform.

After the webinar you may be asked to complete a short satisfaction survey. Your participation to this survey is a prerequisite for receiving your certification of attendance and your CPE credits.

Please note that your participation to the Webinar indicates your understanding and acceptance of these Terms and your agreement to the related processing of your personal data and future electronic communications from Galderma.

Additional information on Galderma’s privacy practices, and how we collect, process, use and retain your personal data in general, can be found on our Privacy Policy and related privacy statements available on our corporate website here:

Moreover, if you require further clarifications or have any objections or concerns, please let us know before the start of the Webinar by contacting the Webinar organizer; you can also copy in your communication to the Webinar organizer our Privacy Office at: